Cat feeding tips

Understanding what sort of food to feed your cat, and how often, is a vital part of being a cat parent. Is dry food better than wet? How much water should a cat drink? And what are the benefits of a raw diet? These are just some of the questions our team of in-house pet nutritionists and veterinarians have answered in this section.

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6 min read

Being obligate carnivores, cats need meat to survive and thrive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be cooked and processed. Cat parents thinking of putting their cats on

4 min read

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to share your home with cats, you’ll know all too well each and every one of them has unique characteristics. This sense of individuality

8 min read

As long as your cat receives a sufficient number of calories and all the nutrients they need, it doesn’t matter whether that’s delivered through wet or dry food. However, that’s

7 min read

Vegetarian or vegan cat parents might be keen for their cats to follow a plant-based diet, but there are plenty of reasons why this is a bad idea. Gone green?